Sound! Euphonium – Episode 01


– This show makes me nostalgic. All these situations are realistic for a real band.

– The competitions, tears, emotions, rankings, a contrabass for a concert band… All there.

– Conducting animation didn’t line up with the performance at the start. The one at the end did.

– The audio performance was as bad as Kumiko thought it was. I’m glad they did bad studio recordings for the bad performances in the show. I don’t know if normal people can tell or not, but yes, it was accurate. It was cool that they even got a fast-tempo piece closing conducting style correct for how you finish a piece for the Offenbach at the end.

– They actually took the time to say that a baritone and euphonium are different instruments.

– That tuner looks so good!

– That background audio and general band room pre-rehearsal warmup are done well.

– Tuning the concert band with a b-flat from a b-flat clarinet (the audio was actually a b-flat too). Concert bands use this pitch compared to orchestras, which tune on A starting with an oboe moving from winds to strings, who then will tune all of their open strings accordingly.

– That 4th valve on the euphonium is accurate.

– Those performance markings on her sheet music are believable.

– Those trombone slide positions look so good!

– Being bad at at trying to buzz in a mouthpiece for a beginner; The struggle is real for many newbies. I loved the learning how to buzz section. Though, using a V isn’t the best method for a beginner lol. Making a tight circle with your thumb and pointer finger is way easier.

– Onee-chan is rocking a high-quality trombone. That trigger.

– I can’t believe they actually used an Alfred Reed arrangement/edit.  I performed that version for concert bands at least 6 times over my time as a performer. He’s a prolific concert band arranger/composer. I’m really excited that they will be using legit concert band arrangements and compositions.

– Even their seating arrangements are spot on. It is odd to be using tiered podiums, though this could be a Japanese thing.

– Where are the french horns (which is supposed to be called just horn, for all you who don’t know)? There are horns in concert settings.

– They have way too many saxophones, heh.

This will probably be my favorite show this season on premise and art alone.


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