Sound! Euphonium – Episode 02


Another really good episode!

– Yet again I need to mention how nostalgic this show feels. It really takes me back to my younger days in band. Makes me feel all warm and cozy with how nice it is.

– The choosing instruments as kids thing was hilarious. How they could give a little kid a flugel horn and a baritone but not have one euphonium player was funny.

– Getting shafted into an instrument choice because nobody else took it is basically my life story on how I got started with the french horn. The situation is totally realistic in every way lol. It happens to a lot of people.

– I loved the section leaders introductions and presentations. Somehow they made the character designs look exactly like they probably would in real life. Each instrument section and section leader has a specific vibe to them, and they nailed it in this show.

– People who have been in ensembles for a really long time can tell you all about this, and how each section totally fits an archetype. Everything from the outgoing personality of the low brass players, the smug nature of trumpet players, the cute but more modest clarinet players, queen-like flute players, etc… it all fits.

– The part about her not wanting to tell anyone she plays euphonium also hits home lol. If anyone knew she played an instrument that is in low population for an ensemble, she’d be stuck on it for life, whether she liked it or not.

– Love how the tuba-player had a 4-rotor tuba versus a piston tuba. These are typically played horizontally, opposed to beginner tubas which tend to be played upright. Also not too many beginners use the 4 rotor tubas.

– I love the talk about the ever-rare contrabass for a concert ensemble. There’s only one slot, but it’s damned near impossible to get orchestral players to join a wind ensemble/concert band unless they’re being paid for it or are on scholarship.

– Those persistent section leaders, heh.

– I like that they mention the fact that she takes lessons. Not many people that play in a school band take that passion outside for lessons to go further unless it’s by the will of their parents, typically.

– Her buying the wrong mouthpiece for trumpet and having to go through that discovery was hilarious. Even moreso because they both didn’t tell her she bought the wrong one lol. There’s a MASSIVE size difference between trumpet and tuba mouthpieces. It’s also harder for beginners to have the tighter embouchure required for trumpet versus low brass instruments. It’s why she had a much easier time buzzing with the tuba mouthpiece.

– I’m almost surprised they didn’t mention the tickling sensation that occurs when your lips vibrate enough to play an instrument. (I can do a proper mouthpiece buzz and do pitches without a mouthpiece, is how much control I have over my embouchure).

– Tuba-kun~

– That traitorous bastard, trying to switch from horn to trombone. I hope they flay him alive.

– For those of you wondering why the word “fagott” appeared on screen (or fagotti), that’s the bassoon. Oboe and fagott are together on that slide because they’re both double-reed instruments. In band settings you’ll typically hear bassoon as far as western practices go, but you’ll hear fagott in orchestral settings just because a majority of the repertoire is European. Personally, I use bassoon in my orchestral pieces.

– Taki-sensei is one super nice, ridiculously flexible dude. God damn. The way he addresses them is awesome.

– Aoi-chan falling out of love with her place in the ensemble was heart-breaking, especially the way she had to do that. It happens to a lot of people.

– The instrument visual quality is boner-inducing. Mother of god. Keys, solderings, bracket placements, mouthpieces, and just everything. Wow.

– The embouchure are also pretty much spot-on. Lip placements, cheeks, face muscle direction, breathing and more. There is a painstaking amount of love and care into the animation/visuals and presentation of this series that I don’t think a lot of people can appreciate if they haven’t been exposed to a lot of this.


One thought on “Sound! Euphonium – Episode 02

  1. “Taki-sensei is one super nice, ridiculously flexible dude. God damn. The way he addresses them is awesome.”

    Wow thank god you’re posting these on WordPress and not on Tumblr or Reddit, or you’d be in the same boat as me in 2015 when this anime aired. You know the majority of viewers were hating on Taki and calling him “cruel,” “manipulative,” and making memes comparing him to JK simmons in Whiplash? And all the band geeks were defending him in discussion boards and saying “if you think Taki-sensei is mean, you lil b*tches wouldn’t survive a day of concert band.”

    Anyway, nice that you wrote this, because now I can cite you when I argue with people about Taki again.


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