Sound! Euphonium – Episode 05

Time to march to the beat.
– I have never seen a machine like that for testing lung capacity. Most of the ones i’ve used are a little machine with a ball and threshold, where it shows you your measurement in liters on the side with little notches. It’s also like 75% smaller than the one here lol. Most instrumentalists will have lung capacities on par with pro athletes just because they exercise their lungs so much. At my last measurement, I could hold almost 9 liters of air in my lungs!- Lung capacity is most important for Tuba players because of the size of the instrument, but it’s also very important for flute players, since they don’t have a medium between breath and sound like woodwinds with their reeds or brass players with their mouthpieces.

– Poor Kumiko and her breasts lol. You’re fine just the way you are!

– Oh nice, new uniforms! Most schools tend to keep a set they use for multiple years and only switch them every half-decade or so, depending on funding. It’s also cool to see them show other band uniforms too, and they all appear to be doing indoor marching!

– It’s funny in that one cut to see marching oboes. That does not happen because they’d have to spend $100s and countless man-hours making a lot of reeds because they’re so delicate!

– That being said, in the west you don’t usually see different uniforms for males and females. Everyone is the same, and for competitions it’s important because it shows formations better.

– These girls are cute in their uniforms.

– It’s nice to see the trumpets are using trumpet stands while they’re outside.

– This marching section is so rad! I love how they’re doing everything correctly with regards to posture and march practice. It’s kinda funny to see them talk about being so precise with step distance when in a parade anything can happen and you’ll have to adjust your steps all the time. There’s also proper footwork here too, rolling from the heel to the toes in a smooth motion.

– Well, later on I see it’s more a 1-by-1 exhibition. This makes the steps stuff totally more relevant now!

– It’s common to see people who don’t play a marching instrument be delegated to color guard. They usually use flags, sabers, poms, and rifles when marching, while a leader or designated person will use the maces. Sometimes groups (mostly college groups) will use a baton twirler too! Even the flag work here is spot on and the girl’s movements are all correct.

– It’s also really awesome to see them go into drum major stuff! Asuka is a great person for that job.

– Watching them pay attention to the posture in the animation is nice.

– Taki-sensei, heck yeah.

– Watching Kumiko just blab is hilarious.

– Yo this cut! That smile!

– Yay, a sousaphone is in that case! Also yes, they do load them up by truck!

– I like this part with all of them checking in and doing the attendance. I used to be in charge of this stuff back in high-school because I was both a section leader and the president!

– I wonder if by music stands they mean the hook-on ones that are typically used with marching?

– Wow, they even included a clip-on tuner on this trumpet drawing. Wow.

– This is nice to hear them do all the gossip about the other ensembles. It really happens this way! I love how she’s got a friend in the other ensemble too, and she mentions she went there for their program.

– Kumiko ;_;

– Woooooo banner carriers! The unsung heroes of parades.

– Woah this Rikka school animation with both band and guard, even in the distance it looks so cool watching it all in sync.

– Kousaka is kind of a jerk here lol. But she knows it hahaha. It totally brought their morale back.

– Taki-sensei my hero.

– It’s nice to see marching cymbals. They have a hard-ass job to do when they are accompaniment to the snares/quads because they have to march backwards.

– This one trumpet girl in the cut here has such bad posture, heh.

– Dude, the fingering animations here are fantastic. Look at this! It’s all spot-on by pitch and by part. God damn.

– Ahhhh yeaaaaahhh marching xylophone and glockenspiel!

– Just a single marching bass drum.

– They even drew the marching snare harness correctly!

– One thing I find kind of odd is the way they chose to do their formation. Usually you’ll do 4-5 across to make forming lines easier for players. It’s weird seeing 1 straggler between sections with one in the french horns and one in the trumpets! They usually need someone to be able to see in their peripheral vision to maintain formation better!

– This song is pretty cool!

This was a pretty fun episode! All the pressure and emotion of being at one of these things was captured perfectly. Made me all warm and fuzzy inside.


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