Sound! Euphonium – Episode 07

Rumblings of band drama.

– From the start I love how they present the band warmups. Here, the band plays a descending chromatic scale while alternating fifths. This exercise not only is used to get bands to unify their tempo, but helps warm up the lips because playing fifths like this need a constant tightening and loosening of the embouchure. Fifths are also handy for tuning purposes as well, considering like 98% of music is based in tertian harmonic fundamentals. Overall for an ensemble, it’s really handy for establishing balance, tuning, and gets everyone on the same page. I’ve done this exercise a billion times!

– Haruka’s remarks reflect this.

– I love how for the music here they show all the markings in the parts. A common thing for younger players is to color-code everything like is seen here. In this euphonium part they show, it looks like they use yellow for dynamics and grace notes, blue for important parts to bring out (like melody, or something that needs to be brought to fore), and red for phrase breathing indicators. Though some composers will indicate breathing themselves, some band directors will have their own methods to bring the piece to life in their own interpretation. Having a breath break in a phrase or staggering breathing among players is the best way to keep a consistent sound the whole time.

– I love the intro to this pieces. It’s funny that some trumpets still crack the notes lol. Also, Taki-sensei’s comments are accurately reflected in the music here.

– Mean ribbon. She’s gonna get rekt, I hope.

– Nooooo, not Aoi-chan.

– Band drama is some serious stuff. For real. It’s easy to see the effects it had on this ground.

– The saxes are all over the place in this next part. Taki-sensei is yet again on the job here, and spot-on. I love how the audio really reflects what’s going on.

– Aoi didn’t sound that good. Too breathy, to disjointed.

– I love Taki-sensei’s priorities here. This really is how band directors act in these situations, treating their ensemble as important, if not more, than a student’s school-work. I’ve seen situations like this all the time, and it’s never easy. I feel for Haruka a lot here. It hurts.

– Then Asuka comes here and sets things straight. So cool.

– It hurts Taki-sensei here too. Dang.

– Those are some sloppy bass 16th notes. And then they cut out in the middle when they can’t do the syncopation.

– This band drama history is something else. The whole thing just sucks for everyone, and I feel their pain.

– I really like all these conversations delving into people’s motive with regards to band politics. The dynamic of this band is so shaky because of these previous events, and to see how it affects our current group is awesome to watch.

– I love how they talk about Asuka here too. She’s totally focused on music-making to the extreme.

– That ending, hahahaha. Kumiko’s expression is great. You can hear in her voice that she doesn’t give a crap about that, haha.

Overall, I liked how this episode really fleshed out the different members of the ensemble here, and showed a lot of their motives. There wasn’t a ton of musical technical stuff here for me to comment on, but it was really nice to get a sense of the group dynamic here.


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