Sound! Euphonium 2 – Episode 01

Will they all reach Heaven… or will they fall to Hell?

– Cold opening, huh? Heh, heh, heh…

– I’m a big fan of the Horn girls in the OP.

– And dear lord at the instrument porn, the cut of Taki conducting, Bass Drum girl doing her thing, and just everything. I’m pumped!

– Ah, a group photo! I’d do these a lot during competitions like these, additionally Marching Band contests even moreso.

– I know the pain Midori feels. It’s why I always was kneeling in the front! it’s interesting that they aren’t grouped by sections like i’d expect for these. Also no instruments. Kumiko’s ponytail is too strong. All of the various experessions in the group photo are great, and they all just look so happy.

– I didn’t know Taki was new to this as much as he was, at least in this setting. He’s too modest.

– Wonder who that girl is? I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

– And Taki looking at the photo again makes me feel kinda sad. The expressions on his face say more than words can convey.

– I really like this conversation between Matsumoto and Taki. It’s one of our first real glimpses into his thoughts about the group that doesn’t use the band ensemble (or it’s members) as our means of interaction with him.

– That is a long practice schedule for the month. But not as much stuff on it as I thought. Good to see that they’re going to do another training camp. I’ll bet some of them will even get together and practice too! It’s good to see everyone so excited for once, a far cry from the first season.

– Ah, the Monaka members.

– Wow, look at that amazing bongos animation! Correct hands playing correct notes at the correct timings (the left hand was moving from a resting position when the scene started, fyi). Started with the correct right-hand, the pitches between the two drums are spot-on, and the hand technique is totally correct, even down to the differences between the normal notes and accented notes. Notice the way the right hand is slightly curved compared to the near open form of the left hand (slaps and taps, to be colloquial). Every hand strike is spot on, and even the way her body shifts when she plays the triplet between the two drums is spot-on. Even something like the position of the hands in relation to the center of the drum and rim for dynamics is represented. And of course, the instrument itself is correctly drawn too. It’s really awesome that attention was given to nuances like that!

– Natsuki’s fingerings are correct (even though you can only see the tops of her fingers, it’s enough to tell).

– The trumpet fingerings are all correct as far as the notes and audio go. You can tell the girl with the two hairclips is playing the higher of the trumpet parts because she played the trumpet notes A (12) G (0) E (12) G (0) A (12) [Concert pitches G F D F G]. The the content in the parentheses in the preceeding sentence are which valves the trumpet player is pressing down to make the corresponding pitches come out. The other trumpet player is in 4ths below the first trumpet part. And not only is the instrument drawn awesome (and she’s got one of those very nice silver lacquered ones), but you can even see that her tuning slide is pulled out (look towards the front of the trumpet and notice the little section of brown among the rest of the silver tubing; that’s the tuning silde pulled out). The posture and hand position are all correct as well, even down to which finger goes in the third-valve ring with the left-hand.

– And the level of detail on that clarinet closeup. Yoooooooooo. The notes, the way the fingers move, the way her hand is held against the instrument and the way her fingers are positioned to fully cover the holes over the first four keys are like spot on. You can tell whoever drew this either watched someone closely to figure out how their hands move, or had one with them in order to see exactly how hands should move when playing a clarinet. And the left hand is correctly on top too! The detailing on these instruments is absolutely insane.

– With the flute player you can see good distance between lip and mouthpiece, and the amount rolled for tuning purposes.

– Even the split second of the horn player is correct too. Correct pitch to correct fingerings (12 on both F and B-flat side of horn), distance of instrument held away from the body, left-hand pinky resting on top of the hook (and not in it), and even the embouchure are all good.

– Trumpets in the next part have the correct fingerings as both are playing a C# (12) (concert B-natural) above middle C.

– Alto Saxophone player is spot-on too, even down to the distance between instrument and body, neck-strap height, and the side of the body to position the instrument on.

-And even the tuba stuff is accurate too! Hazuki sure has gotten a lot better to be able to play a walking-bass line like that! Boy do rotor tubas look good. They even managed to animate the rotors with the fingers correctly too. Notice the little nobs connected below where she puts her fingers. The movement is totally accurate. Being drawn correctly certainly helps that too!

– The timings on everything in this scene is even better than it was before. I didn’t think it was possible to get tighter than the first season of Eupho, but man, at this level of detail with these closeups and the amount of cuts between all of the instruments? A scene like this blows my mind that it’s put together so well and with such a high level of detail and accuracy. Totally insane craftsmanship on show in this short scene. Holy cow.

– Haruka ;_;

– That is a damn early start time, Reina. Though now that I think about it, when I was in high school our morning group and ensemble rehersals would be that early, too. It’s hilarious how she doesn’t say she likes them, but rather that she doesn’t hate them. It’s a very Reina response, haha. I’m a fan of her keeping the ponytail too (for now anyways)!

– Seira seems to be formidable. Also that piece they were playing sounded crazy for a contest piece.

– Even Taki is checking out the competition.

– Oboist, huh? She was featured in the promo materials. If she’s there even earlier, it makes sense. She prrobably has to make her reeds during practice time too. I’m kinda secretly hoping we get to see someone make an oboe reed, or shave it during practice to fix the tuning or the way it handles. Reed-making is a very time consuming labor of love that is essentially your woodworking skill corresponding to how your performance will sound. They live and die by their reeds. Also, oboe is hard. You practically need lungs like a tuba player to perform properly, and the instrument is probably one of the most finnicky ones to play. The horn is basically the brass equavalent due to the volume of air needed, mouthpiece size for range covered (I can play 4 octaves), and the perfection of embochure to maintain notes. Performing on oboe or horn is basically like performing a highwire act 100% of the time.

– Kumiko teasing her about Taki! Haha. The jeering in Kumiko’s voice is great.

– The body language in this scene is so good.

– And that is a very detailed oboe model. They basically mentioned the things I just previously did. Good.

– It’s almost kind of weird seeing Yuko so cheerful, heh.

– Ah, it’s the girl from the competition. Asking about Asuka no less. Nozomi, eh?

– Kumiko’s monologue is great.

– Oh nice, independent instructors for certain instrument sections. This is a pretty significant change, one that will definitely benefit the students. And this percussionist is hilarious. I’ve done the same thing when giving introducing myself to a friend’s ensemble. Haha, these two together are great. You can tell he’s in charge of percussion just by the way he dresses!

– Wow, they’re addressing staggered breathing during long phrases to avoid gaps in sound. Very nice and specific detail about music performance. Asuka seems to run things like I do, heh. Very efficient.

– Now we see what’s going on. Ah, was she a second-year that quit? And probably one of the worst offenders during that fallout?

– Another Rimsky-Korsakov orchestration (the piece is from the Prince Igor opera by Borodin, section of music is Polovtsian Dances, orchestrated by Rimsky-Korsakov). They sure like using his music often (and I find that his orchestration is instantly recognizable due to its color). In the last season Scheherazade was the piece that the ensemble before North Uji performed, though the band version (original is orchestra). Accompanying this scene is the orchestal version. And for those unaware, the majority of the oboe repitoire is in orchestral performance. Just one of the reasons why you’re less likely to find oboe players in wind ensembles. Here’s the section of music that’s playing in the background to this scene: Phenomenal music choice for the scene.

– Middle school loss it seems. So they have a long running dream too. If I was Asuka I wouldn’t even be merciful in this situation. Speculation: Judging by Asuka’s reaction it seems like seems like Nozomi quit when things got tough in the previous year, and only wants back in now that they’re better, or now that she can maybe be a team player. Seems more of the past is coming to affect the present.

– Damn i’m interested in seeing how this plays out. I’m prematurely going to side with Asuka for now.

– Ah, the fireworks I was told about and read about. Hope it’s good! The playfulness between Kumiko and Reina is so much fun, especially now that they’ve become better acquainted over the last season. The friendship between them seems a lot more enjoyable, like they’re both more real. It’s how I feel about a lot of the relationships in this episode so far.

– Haha, Mizore’s question and the general response from all of them is so good in this scene. Kumiko talking with her hands for expression when she’s nervous is me incarnate. I can relate. So good.

– The sound design in this room compared to when they were performing in that hall last season is so much more dry. I’m glad they’re really nailing the sound design in terms of ensembles and the spaces that they occupy. It’s a subtle but necessary area of attention to really add authenticity.

– Good advice from Hashimoto (and accurate observations too).

– Oh wow. The flute solo from that piece is really affecting her. I wonder what’s going on. I knew it had to be something related to that. But man, it looks like just the fact that Nozomi is even playing hit Mizore hard.

– Wow, Kumiko is super-cute in her yukata with that hairstyle.

– SICK BURN FROM REINA. Haha. And the way she mutted under her breath about Kumiko’s indifference was good too. I wonder if we’ll see Kumiko get better at asserting herself this season.

– So much death of ice treats this season. RIP Midori’s ice cream. RIP Kumiko’s shaved ice.

– I agree with Reina here too.

– The fireworks were so good. I love that scene and how it flashed over all the major players.

Boy this episode sure set up a lot of people and events. I’m really excited to see where it all goes, and what will happen when the past finally catches up with the group. One thing I noticed is that the voice acting seems to be exceptionally better than it was last season, and something I suspect the movie likely improved on too with regards to the first season. Just the camaraderie between everyone feels more natural, and less like acting if that makes sense. It’s made the characters feel compelling to me, and I already liked them all to begin with! Looking forward to seeing where we go from here, because they sure set up a lot of stuff to get resolved this season in this first episode!

Enjoy this bonus sleeping Kumiko.


2 thoughts on “Sound! Euphonium 2 – Episode 01

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  2. “Oboist, huh? She was featured in the promo materials. If she’s there even earlier, it makes sense. She prrobably has to make her reeds during practice time too. I’m kinda secretly hoping we get to see someone make an oboe reed, or shave it during practice to fix the tuning or the way it handles. ”

    You will see her make her reeds in the movie “Liz and the Blue Bird“


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