Sound! Euphonium 2 – Episode 02

Summer fun and summer training!

– It’s interesting seeing Hashimoto stay near Taki while delegating advice during rehearsal. I’d imagine he’s much more hands-on during sectionals and practice, but usually section-dependent instructors stay near the sections they work with, in my experience. Still, neat.

– The way their personalities are portrayed in the legs and feet during this train scene is cool. And Kumiko’s hope is just hilarious.

– These swimsuits = A+

– Asuka without her glasses is pretty good too! Look at those eyes.

– MY STAPLE FOOD IS LOVE is a good shirt. I prefer her usual hairstyle over these twintails, but this will do.

– CEMENT ADDICTION is good too, though it’s more a mystery than cute saying like Yuuko’s, haha.

– I’m glad Kumiko defended herself to Nozomi here. That was awesome. The Kumiko from the beginning of the first season would’ve backed down. The following conversation is good too. Asuka was right telling Nozomi what she did.

– Damn, that’s a nice looking facility for the camp.

– Taki ;_;

– I love the reflection of Kumiko’s face coming off her instrument. The way the contour of the instrument distorts her reflection properly is a really nice bit of detailing.

– Satomi seems pretty cool. The way these kids are reading the room wrong through their teasing is hilarious. Reina too, haha. Having a dedicated instructor for each family-type is a really good move, and will benefit the ensemble greatly.

– Satomi uses a baton compared to Taki who uses his hands. It was neat in the long range shot how you could see the ictus properly, and her cutoff lift to snap was good too. It’s clear they watched real conductors.

– RIP Reina.

– Nozomi being in a former position of power in her old school makes her motivations and the way she came to her own answers in high school band instantly understandable. Being a band president and running an efficient ensemble even from the student’s seat of power brings with a certain type of attitude and sense of responsibility you don’t really lose even when you become a small fry again. I now really understand just how serious Nozomi is and where she’s coming from by filling in the blanks with my own experiences.

– Natsuki didn’t do much wrong. I understand where she gets her burden from.

– Have I mentioned how much I like Mizore? Besides being haunted by the memories of that piece, i’ll bet orchestral excerpt practicing made her even more sick of it. For the main orchestra wind instruments (horn, oboe, flute, clarinet, bassoon/fagotti), we have lots of orchestral excerpt books that we practice from because the more serious players will end up performing those pieces. I probably bought six or seven of the books when I was in undergrad, and they consumed most of my practice time. They’re also just staples of excellent orchestration for those instruments and encourage good performance techniques too, which is why they’re so important.

– Reina being this insecure is too cute. Haha.

More character focused episode, and it really got to the heart of the band drama from the past by incorporating the new characters into the fold much more. Mizore seems really cool, and I can’t wait to see where this all ends up, and if they can all fully work together despite how much things are changing.


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