Sound! Euphonium 2 – Episode 04

Let’s air out some band drama!

– Interesting that placement in competitions like this is taken more seriously. I get not wanting to have better ensembles before you. It’s good they aren’t going first either. Better to go once the judges have evened out their attitudes towards how they grade the performances. Though it seems they have a big school right in front of them, so let’s hope they manage to impress even in their wake!

– Hashimoto bringing everyone’s panic back down. He’s a good guy with these kinds of things. Taki’s affirmation really helped bring everyone back.

– Oh wow, Satomi is going right to the issue with Mizore. Good advice, and it echos what Hashimoto said, albeit in a less grandstanding kind of manner. Kumiko’s panic to get out of there was hilarious. The fact that she knows everything likely made it more awkward to be there, heh.

– Mizore’s playing is still stilted though. Too bad someone like Satomi can’t just show her an example so Mizore can get the big picture. Though, her playing getting more emotive will probably happen after the main conflict has been resolved.

– One thing of note; There really aren’t many oboe players in many ensembles. Not only are there just not many oboe players in general, but the spots for them in bands is quite limited, even more so if you’re going have a balanced ensemble of only the best. When you get to where most oboe players make their professional careers, well, most professional orchestras only have two oboes, and the second one will rarely play as most of their repertoire (which is predominantly pre-1900’s stuff) typically only has one oboe. It’s a lonely job in the ensemble as it is, and not having a section as a family in the ensemble can get pretty isolated. Mizore’s feelings in this, coupled with the Nozomi stuff, was all but an eventuality given Mizore’s demeanor.

– I wonder what happened with Mamiko? It was an argument obviously, but Kumiko and her mother’s reactions made it seem like this happens.

– I want that Tuba-kun spit-rag on her leg.

– As Nozomi approaches Kumiko, you can totally tell Kumiko wants to say what she knows and kind of feels bad about it.

– The panic in Kumiko’s voice as she knows what’s about to go down is great. The way her body impulsively got up to try and intercept tells it all. The flashbacks and the camera shaking as she runs off really helped elucidate the panic she feels knowing what’s about to happen should Nozomi run into Mizore, and one-on-one no less.

– Uh oh… Here comes band drama! All the players are present. When did Yuko get so cool?

– Mizore ;_; Having seen something like this happen before, it’s a very real problem lots of teenagers go through, and a problem I’ve helped a few people out with as well. The tenuous bonds and the bonds you thought you had… when that all changes and you aren’t even included, it makes you feel so insignificant. I can’t even believe she’s still playing the oboe because it’s her only connection. For someone as alone as she was, it’s no wonder she became the way she did, and 100% understandable. Unless you’ve been there, it’s really hard for someone to understand just how insignificant it makes you feel. It says something about her character that she still hangs onto that small piece of hope by still playing.

– Yuko, you go girl! She really laid into Mizore, and boy am I glad she did. Just airing out all her feelings was awesome, and even calling out Mizore on her misunderstanding was so cool. Mizore was honest with her, and Yuko’s retort was just so good. You could tell she genuinely liked Mizore from her interactions with her, but to see it laid out like this and for it to get cleared up was awesome.

– Nozomi’s explanation makes sense. Though, she probably should’ve talked to her about it when she quit. It’s obvious that she had no idea how much Mizore relied on her. It’s really cool that Mizore was able to confront her about it too. Nozomi always liked her oboe playing, and all she had to do was say it, and all these misunderstandings could’ve been avoided. Regardless, i’m glad to see it all aired out now.

– Girl drama, band girl drama. Misunderstandings. Glad this got aired out and cleared out.

– Yuko/Natsuki interactions continue to be too cute and too much fun.

– Asuka isn’t wrong, but maaaaaan does she come off as a haughty jerk. And the line about people calculating; pot meet kettle. Asuka seems like the most calculating of them all at the moment. Even Kumiko is a little frustrated towards her. I hope we get to see the real Asuka. I want to know what her deal is.

– Reina’s selfishness is so her, haha.

Good episode that helped get everyone past one of the big weights holding everything back. All of this foreboding is done, and we can finally get back to kicking some butt on the path to nationals! This is entertaining band drama to watch, and i’d be lying if I said I haven’t seen something like this before, heh. I want to be able to write some long and informative technical explanations next week!


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