Sound! Euphonium 2 – Episode 08

Not too much for me to comment on this week, but we got some setup for bigger things to come!

– The camera shot for Mamiko’s closeup looked really cool. Almost like there was a gopro on the end of it (and those videos are very cool). Watching little Kumiko want to do band is awesome! Most of the people I know ended up getting into band by means of seeing someone they knew also playing. Siblings, cousins, friends, etc. On thing about this scene that bugs me is that I totally know what the song is in my head, but I can’t verbalize the title. I used to play it in jazz band in high school!

– I don’t know too much about how family dynamics go with Japanese families, but obviously there’s some kind of pressure older siblings have to prove their worth, whether that be for their status, or for their parent’s status. I’d guess that college being important for her is something that her family wanted her to do more than Mamiko. Either way, this is rough for all fo them. Mamiko not wanting to quit trombone is also another big thing. I’m surprised she didn’t try to take up the instrument with a community ensemble or something.

– Asuka is back? Like, fully back? Or is she just here to rehearse because she hasn’t been there in a while. Asuka saying the same thing Mamiko did was funny. And now she’s inviting her over to her place? Alone? For tutoring? What a way to make her return. I’m skeptical as to Asuka’s motivations though.

– Oh okay, she’s not back.

– I like this Hashimoto pep talk. He’s good at it!

– Uh oh, a she’s getting sick. Sounds miserable too. I guess going out in a typhoon doesn’t exactly help.

– It’s been a while since we’ve seen Aoi too. Their conversation about Asuka was pretty good too. I wonder what’s going to happen. Aoi seems to be right Mamiko was when she had to quit too.

– Anything but matcha? Kumiko please, matcha is the best. Though, yeah, pudding is pretty great too.

– Oh man, this dilemma with the band teacher is familiar. It’s basically how I got roped into playing horn originally. I’m all, “I want to play the trumpet because it’s cool” while the band teacher was like, “Why don’t you try the french horn instead?” Basically I lost that argument, gave into trying the horn, and well, here I am years later. Seeing the director play her games kinda made me sad for Kumiko that she didn’t really get a choice, heh.

– Seeing her show off her buzzing skill was just too cute!

– Reina came to watch over her too. It’s nice to have a classmate bring over some goodies when they’re sick. Ah, the same CD her teacher gave her! To be fair, i’m not familiar with this piece, but it sure sounds really cool.

– Damn Kumiko. She just let her have it. It’s rare to see her finally break a little for once and really just yell like that.

– Shuuichi helping bring Mamiko back down without even knowing what he’s doing. It’s ncie that he was there and said what he did. It makes me happy to see Mamiko ask Kumiko for a CD of them playing. Maybe she’s gotten back down a little.

– This Asuka situation is basically the only way Taki could’ve resolved it. I wonder how it’ll all play out.

Not too much for me to comment on this week, but seeing all the family stuff come to the fore has been interesting. Watching some of the situations play out in a low-key manner was definitely different from what I expected too. Fun thing that also happened this week was that the novels are going to officially be translated into English, so i’m quite looking forward to those. A lot of you guys seem to be quite fond of those! As for what happened this episode and the next, i’m very curious as to what the visit to Asuka’s house is going to look like. I have no idea what the heck would go down during a visit like that, outside of the studying she mentioned.


2 thoughts on “Sound! Euphonium 2 – Episode 08

  1. You probably didn’t recognized the euphonium piece because it was custom written for the anime! Trivia: it features euphonium, but the instruments accompanying it are trumpet, tuba, and string bass… aka the instruments of the main characters 🙂

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