Sound! Euphonium 2 – Episode 09

A little one-on-one time with Asuka this week. Let’s find out what those secrets are!

– I didn’t think Natsuki would be this open about playing instead of Asuka. I thought she’s been practicing with Nozomi. I guess it wasn’t enough to be where she needs to be. The following conversation on the way home was good too. I didn’t know how much everyone else knew about the specifics (outside of when word spread about the incident from two episodes ago).

– Mamiko left that CD for Kumiko? By the way, Mamiko’s room is totally messy.

– I guess maybe this seals the deal with Asuka? Leaving that much information for Natsuki spells out an obvious tale, and it’s clear she had an exit strategy. Kumiko calling it like a will made me feel kind of bummed out about how this is all panning out.

– Operation Bring Back Asuka-senpai. I’m on board for this. Kumiko’s feelings on the name Kaori chose is hilariously expressed. Just the awkwardness of her voice and reaction is too funny. Clearly Kaori has a game-plan, and uh, I hope that treat works on her mom, haha. The sacrifice of Kumiko is a necessary tactic to ensure this operation succeeds (and Natsuki’s lack of confidence to make eye-contact with Kumiko was great). It was nice to see someone else really recognize how far Kumiko has come in terms of being able to deal with situations like that.

– Of course Reina can verbalize why Kumiko was the one chosen to do this.

– Look at how Reina looks at Taki when he sleeps. The elation on her face is priceless, haha. Her reaction to him waking up was priceless. It’s fun seeing her get flustered for once. But then she saw the photo! Uh-oh. What will she think? I wonder if she’ll ask Kumiko about it?

– I don’t know what it is, but their small talk and the way they can’t carry through the full conversation is pretty funny. Kumiko realizing it is basically icing on the cake. Those shoes are pretty cool though!

– Kaori’s masterminding is too good. She got the steamed chestnut buns and passed them off. What’s with the weird tension here though? Is it because Asuka knows what she’s up to? She doesn’t seem to like being patronized even though it seems to come from a good place.

– Asuka’s room is rather plain. Or rather different than I was expecting. Same for the style of house too. Kumiko seems so out of her element right now, and that awkwardness comes across really well. Asuka seeing through the plan is expected of her. Telling Kumiko about the grades and seeing her get flustered was funny too.

– Well, that was quite the bomb to drop right there. So Shindo used to be Asuka’s dad. Now we’re getting closer to the heart of the matter. But Asuka seems like she’s got the flow of this whole session planned out pretty good. I wonder if Kumiko can break in. With just this little bit of info, Asuka’s situation, as well as her mother’s craze about getting her away from the euphonium, seems a lot more cleared up.

– Delivering on Reina’s observations from earlier, Kumiko basically saw right through Asuka at this moment.

– And that’s how Asuka got to playing the euphonium. A lot of this explains her selfishness previously seen too. Her dad is a judge at Nationals too? Woah.

– Ahhhhh that’s the significance behind that theme/piece too! Kumiko gooooooooooo!

– This scene by the river is great. Asuka defining the euphonium personality is great. Saying that Kumiko is a euphonium was just awesome. It’s hard to describe if you haven’t been in band before, but instrument choice really is a mirror of someone’s personality to some extent. There are certain personality traits that someone exhibits depending on the instrument they play, and while it’s not to the same degree for everyone, there’s always that feeling of knowing how someone will act just based on their choice of instrument.

– Such a warm, round sound. The serenity of this ending is just fantastic. I’m really pleased we finally got to hear the piece in full. Just the way the time of the place is depicted is so calming.

Now that Asuka’s motivations are a lot more clear, i’m looking forward to seeing how her story plays out. There’s also the worry with Reina, now that she’s seen a little more than she was supposed to. While Kumiko appears to have helped Asuka find her own inner-peace (or at least a shoulder to lean on), I wonder if it’ll be enough to turn the whole situation around for her. Either way, I’m looking forward to where it all ends up next week.


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