Sound! Euphonium 2 – Episode 12

It’s time to wrap up some plot threads while going to Nationals! Also, I love this picture of Asuka and Kumiko so much I use it twice. Onward!

– I like that they went as far as to even put French on the lacquer polish bottle. That thing is insanely detailed for such a quick shot like that! And awwww at Kumiko buzzing a scale at such a young age.

– A throwback to the other episode, it’s neat that Mizore/Nozomi are in a better place this time. Also, 2D buses?

– Asuka pulling Kumiko’s fluff is pretty funny. I love all these close-up shots of everyone getting ready. Since they’re doing a dress-rehearsal on the stage, I wonder what the time slots look like for something like this. Everyone needs a chance to get used to the hall.

-All those little games they’re playing add a bunch of life to the scene. As for lights out, she took off her ribbon for sleep! It’s also just funny seeing everyone’s stuff. Like people charging their phones, ribbons, a hair straightener, a tuba-kun pillow!!!!

– With Kumiko sneaking out, it’s a good thing they don’t tape the doors. Shuichi bumped into her. Nice present. It’s also the first time he managed to hold a real conversation that we’ve seen in the series too, heh. She seems to like the present.

– I love how awe-struck Midori is. It’s really cool seeing the other schools.

– Taki is always so good at these speeches. I love that Haruka put herself out there to get everyone pumped up too. She was always so afraid of speaking like that before. Even Asuka’s tone is different too.

– Regarding Mizore, I wonder just how long she spent making that reed if it’s her best. Probably a VERY long time. The art of reed making is something many players spend a TON of time on. The reason she keeps it in her mouth at all times before they go out is because they dry out fast, and oboes/double-reeds need them to be wet at all times. If you ever see a bassoon or oboe player with like 6 pill bottles in their bag, it’s likely each one has a reed in it! Seeing her reach out to Kumiko for a fist-bump is too good.

– Asuka knows Aoi is there. Mamiko is there too? Nice.

– Ah man, it’s a bummer that they skipped the performance ;_;
I get why they did it, especially considering how much time they spent getting Crescent Moon Dance completed over the course of two anime seasons and a movie (and the performance visually would’ve mostly been just a repeat of episode 5), but boy does it kill the momentum to skip it. It was a buildup to what could’ve been such a good moment, but I can’t help but wonder what it’d have been like to see the actual, final performance in the competitions. I was also kind of hoping that we’d see the first piece get a completed/updated animation too. I figured since the movie did most of the grunt work with bring that to life, they’d fix/add like they did with Crescent Moon Dance. Ah man. Almost makes me wish they saved the episode 5 stuff for this episode instead, where it’d fit better, because that was one heck of an accomplishment.
Maybe I can wrongly get my hopes up for a second movie where they don’t have to worry about air time?

– Reina is alone, Nozmi and Mizore are happy together, and Midori’s collection habits are frightening (but I totally get her mindset, haha). It would be cool to go to a kind of event like this and be able to buy the CDs.

– The senior trio looks happy/relieved too. The band era of their high school life is done, and I understand their mindset. At the same time, it’s incredibly sad too the way they mention no longer being president and vice president. When you’re in a position like that with a group like this, it’s definitely a bittersweet moment that really reminds me of the moments like that which i’ve experienced in the past. Asuka just seems so happy too.

– Oh wow, the conductors are up there right now. Haha, they don’t know what to say. What are they gonna say? AHHHH REINAAAAAAA HAHA. She truly is the most fearless person. What guts. AND THEN HER AFTER REACTION IS TOO CUTE. EVERYONE THOUGHT SHE WAS JUST COVERING FOR THEM. Haha, what a fun moment.

– Midori is late to the party!

– Uh oh, they don’t look too happy. Dang, Nationals are ruthless if they got bronze. At least they got there and they got to have the experience of being there! They’ll keep getting better each year with someone like Taki as their adviser!

– Taki please. Have some delicacy, haha. To hear him speak like he did though, he’s coming from an honest place, and despite the meaning of what Reina said going everyone’s heads, you can tell that it really did mean a lot to him. OH SHE SAID IT AGAIN. REINA FEARS NOTHING, NOT EVEN HER OWN FEELINGS. Taki is a master deflector, haha. You know he knows what’s up, but he is just an expert at dodging it. I love how everyone finally realized what she meant when she yelled it indoors and their faces.

– Each of the teachers congratulating their sections, with even Matsumoto getting emotional about Haruka haha. Seeing her cold exterior get shed away like this is always fun to see, much like at the end of each of their performances, though she didn’t show that to the students those times!

– Asuka is passing the torch to Natsuki.

– Hazuki is feeling down about losing. I like Midori’s enthusiasm. It’d be cool to see if Hazuki makes the group next year, or if they have a piece that would allow her in to play. Kumiko looking for her sister says a lot about where their relationship is now too.

– Oh wow. Taki comes over nonchalantly dropping that name. Does he know his relation to Asuka? Oh god this line. “I’m glad you kept at it all this time. You sounded beautiful.” ;_; Asuka’s reaction is so good.

– This moment is hard to watch where she’s saying her goodbye. I remember my last high school concert too. On the inside I felt like Haruka, while on the outside I maintained Asuka’s demeanor, heh. I like how she’s looking towards the future and helping them be encouraged for the future.

– Ah Kumiko, run! It was funny watching her get stonewalled at the door while those people were coming in.

– ;_; This moment is too good. Kumiko finally came full-circle on her love for concert band too. When you consider where Kumiko was at the first episode of the first season, and where she is now, it’s been a heck of a year for her.

Really good episode, minus the omission of the actual performance! The lack of that didn’t really give the same kind of post-performance rush atmosphere like episode 5 did. That said, I like how everyone reached their new comfortable places, and all have matured appropriately. All the development they’ve had over this season finally culminated in a lot of people coming to terms with their issues, discovering who they are, and discovering what they love. Seeing those changes through a lens i’m all too familiar with has been quite enjoyable. I really like all these little elegant ends to all the plot threads. That all said, I wonder how they’re going to close this all out. I haven’t forgotten about the cold open at the beginning of this season!


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